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A beautifully designed and printed invitation for any occasion will reflect the type of event you will be hosting. It is the first impression you will be giving your guests.

Receiving a stylish invitation in the mail is a world away from opening an email. It elevates your event to a special occasion.  You want your guests to feel welcomed and honored.

Celebrating life’s milestone events with a beautiful invitation or announcement is what we love to do.  We know you do, too.

We carry a wide selection of custom invitation albums featuring invitations and stationery that can be engraved, letterpressed, foil stamped, thermographed and digitally printed.


A simple handwritten thank you note leaves an impression far more lasting and impactful than a text or email.  Expressing your gratitude in writing is not only proper etiquette in this digital age but it's a refreshingly personal touch.  It's not so much what you say in the note, but rather the thought that went into writing it that others truly value.

We will help you choose your signature stationery.  We can even personalize and print a box of stationery in the store for that last-minute gift!

In-House Printing

Need an invitation quickly?

At Folio, we can design and print invitations in the store for any occasion big or small.

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